Unique Environment

We provide a haven for everyday discovery and learning. Our environments are natural and reflective of home

Learning Program

We offer daily programs that reflect a calm, relaxed and unrushed environment for growing and learning

Family Owned & Operated

Our centres are owned by a local family with 15+ years in the business who ensure for quality education and care

Our Educators

We value the commitment & dedication of our educators and their desire to give every child a great start in life


At the heart of each centre is the individual child. We recognise that individual children have their own pattern of development, social and cultural context and potential for learning.

Looking for a relaxed, welcoming childcare centre in Brisbane, a home away from home? At our early childhood education centres we believe each child is unique, so we nurture their individuality. 

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We offer learning experiences for children that are designed to support their development and compliment their personal learning styles and interests.


Our Experienced Team

Happy Tots children are nurtured by an experienced, qualified and long term team members, who focus on extending learning through play-based experiences and allow the children take the lead in the development of their curriculum.

Art & Music Programs

Children are inherently musical. They respond to music and learn through music. Music expresses children’s identity and heritage, teaches them to belong to a culture, and develops their cognitive well-being and inner self-worth. As professionals, we must continuously search for ways to tap into children’s natural reservoirs of enthusiasm for singing, moving, and experimenting with instruments.

Mindfulness Program

The purpose of teaching mindfulness to our children is to give them skills to develop their awareness of their inner and outer experiences, to understand how emotions manifest in their bodies and recognise when their attention has wandered and provide tools for control.

Bush Kinder

Participating in a Bush Kinder program responds to a child’s right and need to access natural spaces for optimum learning and development. Regular sessions provide dedicated time for children of all ages to be outside in a quality natural environment exposed to fresh air, natural gradients new experiences. 

Encouraging the children to participate in a bush kinder session will offer your child the opportunity to grow at their own pace, connect to others with kindness and creativity, learn holistically and increase their communication, self- regulation and confidence and develop a greater respect for the planet and for each other.


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